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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I know who Santa is...

...and it's Nanatoo!

I was involved in a Secret Santa Swap with a small group of my knitting friends. It was huge amounts of fun and I finally got to open the packages yesterday despite them arriving weeks ago to taunt me.

I have only one thing to say


I was absolutely spoilt to death with such loveliness I was a gibbering idiot for hours and couldn't stop showing everyone. There was a beautiful scented candle and some delicious chocolate which has long since gone. The first package contained 5 balls of Twilley's Freedom Spirit which is 100% wool and absolutely gorgeous. She got my taste down perfectly and chose the Earth shade which is the one I've been fondling in my LYS. It's single plied with all different shades of greens and browns and oranges in it. I absolutely love it and plan to make a tank top out of it.

In the second package there was such a lovely surprise that I can't hardly believe it's mine. Some DK weight cashmere from Posh Yarns. It is simply stunning and in my all time favourite colours. It's my new pet, I can't stop hugging it and stroking it. It's the softest, nicest yarn I've ever seen or fondled in my life. I daren't even contemplate knitting it just yet because I don't want to use it on the wrong thing. It's just too lovely for words.

Thank you so much Nanatoo. You are a wonderful secret pal and I love everything to bits.

This was my first swap encounter and it went really well, I really enjoyed spoiling my pal Hazel. Did I hear mention of a summer swap girls?


At 2:04 pm, Blogger Daisy said...

ooooh lovely lovely yarn! Can't wait until the summer swap!

At 2:51 pm, Blogger nanatoo said...

That's MRS. Santa to you! :D Glad you liked it and roll on Summer Swaaaaaapppp! :D

At 3:37 pm, Blogger dreamcatcher said...

What yummy yarn, can't wait for the summer swap!

At 3:18 pm, Blogger acrylik said...

Gooorgeous!! Oh yes, roll on summer swap!


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