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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I went to the local library today; it’s only a tiny and nothing special. I usually get Evil Librarian stalking me in case I dare touch her precious books, but lucked out today. Despite being renovated it has stayed open and she was busy glaring at builders getting dust on the carpet.

Since I’ve worked my way through the craft section I decided to explore the computer network to see if I could get something else brought in from another library for some more inspiration. I was amazed to find they had some books in I hadn’t seen. Three were brand new books, bought in for the new Parent’s Section and another had just been transferred in. It had been sat in another local library for 2 years and hadn’t been borrowed by anybody. Probably because they were hiding it in a parenting section, rather than putting it in the craft section where normal people would be likely to look for it. Either way I have 4 new books to look through.

‘Candy Tots’ by Candi Jensen (crochet)
‘Baby Knits for Beginners’ by Debbie Bliss
‘Nursery Knits’ by Zoë Mellor
‘Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots’ by Zoë Mellor

First impressions of the books I’ve borrowed:

Candy Tots – I was really disappointed with this. Her idea of colour and design is a bit psychedelic seventies, but there are one or two things that could be toned down and modified.

Baby Knits – Although simple, DB proves that less is more with a fresh take on classic shapes. Two designs have taken my eye that I’ll be sure to make. It’s just a shame her sizing is so off for the ages given.

Nursery Knits – some really cute stuff for around the nursery and some cute sweaters.

Adorable Knits – Really modern shapes and designs and much cuteness inside.

I own hundreds of baby knitting patterns as it is, not only mine, but my mother’s and her mother’s, but in general I’m looking for stuff that’s a bit more modern. I don’t always follow the patterns, more look for inspiration, but it’s nice to see what’s out there. I’ve seen enough today to set my brain ticking and hopefully get some stash-busting done.


At 4:03 pm, Blogger Catherine said...

Hehehe I nearly ran over our local librarian a few years back (in my defense I had just passed my test a few weeks before and the sun was very low and in my eyes), so I darent go in anymore... he gives me evils... x_x

I should add though, that nowadays I am a fabulous driver... no really...!

At 6:32 pm, Blogger Rain said...


Remind me to stay off the roads next time i'm down your way.

At 9:38 pm, Blogger Marita said...

the books looks nice on the covers but hope it's good ideas inside too..
Got inspired and think I need to go to th library some day too :)


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