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Monday, November 07, 2005

Life on a whim

I finished this hot water bottle cover on Friday. As usual when I’m making something for somebody I was still finishing it when the friend in question, Lizzy, was on her way to retrieve it. It’s very bad of me, but it was a birthday present. “Nothing wrong with that”, I hear you say. Only her birthday was in May.

Lizzy is a whirlwind of excitement and lives in Edinburgh a.k.a. Lizzy's Creek, because her life is like a teen drama. It isn't her mind, but the people she associates with that create the chaos. Or so we thought....

I got a phone call from her not so long ago

L: Rain, guess where I am?

R: At home?

L: No, I’m in Canada! It’s amazing! I’m dropping out of my PhD and moving here forever!

R: -silence-

L: So whaddya think?

Having spent the previous year hearing about the PhD crisis, where to study, who would fund it, was it the right project and so on I must admit I wasn’t exactly sure that this was a good thing.

R: Are you sure? What about your PhD?

L: Oh forget that, this is better. Trust me, I’ve thought about it and it’s not on a whim.

Overnight she’d gone from wanting to be Dr. Lizzy to moving in with a Canadian rock star, by all accounts, NOT, I stress, on a whim.

Well as life has it, time has passed and she has a visa and some plane tickets. She’s obviously thought about it some more and still wants to go as much as ever, so I’ve thrown away all notion of ever having a brain surgeon for a friend and am embracing it for all it’s worth. Just thought this might help her survive a Canadian winter.

Made from DK acrylic, not quite as radioactive red as it looks (forgot to turn off the flash).

Canadian Flag Chart

Deer pinched from ‘Simple Knits for Little Cherubs’ by Erika Knight.

Neck done in cabled rib (alternate 2 and 4 stitch).


At 8:17 am, Blogger aurora said...

That is a seriously gorgeous hot water bottle cover. Lucky friend! (I have a Lucy who does similar crazy things. Maybe the letter L is a crazy letter.)

At 5:22 pm, Blogger Rain said...

Thanks aurora, I think there's definitely something in the 'L'.

At 12:26 am, Blogger Sharon J said...

I love that water bottle cover. Where did you find the pattern? I don't mean the chart for the Maple leaves etc, but the actual pattern. Or did you make it up yourself? If so, then you're far more clever than me :( Love the blog - will bookmark it and pop in again soon.



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