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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I know what you did last summer...

Well it’s hard not to when you’re 7 months pregnant. That’s not me by the way, it’s my friends. Talk about an advert for what you’ve been up to ;)

Both Jenny and Nicky are due in January, only 2 weeks apart. I used to work with both of their husbands (and Jenny, but I don’t remember us two doing much work wise).

Since I found out Jenny was expecting I’ve turned into a veritable human knitting machine, churning out a lot of stuff in the last 6 months. I love baby knitting, it’s instantly gratifying and so cute too. Here’s what’s on the go at the moment.

Hooded coat in Fisherman’s rib, size 18”, actual size 23”, 200g DK from Patons Classic Baby Collection. Working in navy blue for Nicky, she already knows she’s having a boy. I've already made it in cream for Jenny. I wouldn’t normally knit the same thing for 2 people who know each other (especially since they live so close), but Nicky especially liked this and Jenny doesn’t mind. I've done the back and am currently working on the fronts.

I know acrylic isn’t very glam but I’m a big believer in it for baby clothes, it’s easy care for a new Mum when there’s more to worry about than washing instructions.


At 7:57 pm, Blogger Elisabeth said...

Those little coats are so cute, and you even knit mitts to match!
They'll definitely be appreciated by the mommas and snuggled up in by the babes.


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