Frog in knots

Knitting, knots and frogging.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cold Shoulder

One problem I have is that I don't like wearing a coat and have been known in the depths of winter to potter out in very little on. This gets worse in the summer, the warm weather (HA!) tempts me out in just a vest (well not just a vest) and when it gets chilly in the evening I freeze. I can't always rely on a beer jacket to keep me warm and have decided that shrugs are the way forward. Step up The Ribbed Lace Bolero.

This is a variation on the Craftster Circular Shrug and can be custom fit to your body size by taking certain key measurements. This took just under 2 balls of Blue Sky Organic Cotton and is great for keeping the chill off, or at least it will be if it ever stops raining.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sock it and see

I am very disappointed in you all. I have heard some people mention how difficult it is to take a photo of a sock on your own foot, but none of you have truly conveyed the level of contortion required. In fact I have had you all down as an unsupple inflexible bunch until now.

The sock, Baudelaire from Knitty and my first BTW, is made from vintage wool yarn that a mad old aunt gave to me years ago and is currently missing it's mate. The chances of it getting an identical mate are currently debatable as I rarely wear two socks the same as it is.

I made several attempts to portray the beauty of my latest knit. I tried the 'hold the camera low OMG how fat are my ankles' pose...

then the 'pointy toes' pose...

the 'wave your foot in the air like you just don't care' pose...

the 'oh holy £*=@!^& $#!+ I've got cramp in my hip' pose...

and finally the 'I've been in more comfortable positions playing Twister' pose
Hopefully you've seen enough of it before I have to resort to this, although chances of me getting beyond the first position are slim.

The things I do for you people ;)

Friday, July 13, 2007

'armless enough!

This month has been a busy one for me so far but with very little knitting to show. I've got an upcoming deadline for a pattern (the SnB one) and that has taken precedence over everything else meaning that I had to find a fairly quick knit for my monthly KAL target. I have to say I was rather naughty with this choice because I went for a short sleeved cardigan which doesn't really count as a sweater in my self-imposed rules. I shall have to do penance later in the year and make myself some extremely long arm warmers to make up for it.

The project is from this year's Spring/Summer edition of Vogue Knitting and is worked in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. The yarn is so lovely to work with and feels incredibly soft. It was very kindly sent to me by the fabulous (and very naughty) T in exchange for some design work I did for her. She knows me too well because I was wistfully fondling this exact stuff only the week prior to receiving it. Thank you T.

I made a few alterations to the pattern adding in 2 inches to the body to try and hide my short torso. Looking back at it now I should have added them into the peplum or rib, but I was trying to avoid having the rib intercept the very part I was hoping to disguise.

After having a play with it I decided to fasten it crossed over slightly as it looks a little more flattering, especially from the back. I had to go down a needle size to get gauge and used just under 5 balls for the biggest size. The remaining yarn was also turned into another quick project but you'll have to wait to see that because FOs are on ration in these parts.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Budge Up!

Make room boys and girls because I've brainwashed another into this cult of ours...

Although Jenn has knitted before and tends to pick up the needles when I visit, this is the first time I've seen that wild look in her eyes that means she's hooked forever. The phrase 'in a minute I just want to finish this row' was uttered to her husband (really must introduce her to knitting in the round and never-ending rows) and it was an early bedtime for the little one so she could squeeze a few more rows in before turning in herself.

I got the sense that she was chomping at the bit to have a go herself from the wistful looks she gave me while I was knitting this wee number for Scarlett (a simple top down t-shirt in Sirdar Denim with crocheted edges)

and my hand was snatched off when I offered needles and yarn. Jenn confessed she loves to knit but doesn't have the confidence if I'm not around to help, so we did a wee master class in fixing common mistakes and she was off. Can we have a collective aw for the fact that her stash fits in a shoe box and a wicked cackle for knowing that it won't fit in there much longer.

Since she'd nicked my second project yarn I set about raiding her stash (some old scraps of mine for practising with) to knit some clothes for 'Baby', Scarlett's doll that arrived nekkid apart from a hat.To spare Baby's blushes I whipped up a wee cardigan and some lurid yellow trousers.

You might be wondering where my taste went when I made these but they're to help teach Scarlett about getting dressed and her colours. More loud and unmatching doll clothes are on the agenda, although I won't be cheeky and pass these off as my remaining sweater quota. Scarlett's next on the knitter-to-be hit list and although it will be a few years before she's fully turned - the yarn love part started six months ago...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Arrr me hearties!

Avast ye scurvy dogs! This 'ere knit be not for the lily-livered. On me latest voyage I made a Jolly Roger sweater for the scallywag sprog o' an old school matey fer his first birthday booty. It be from the book Adorable Knits fer Tiny Sprogs by that thar wench Zoe Mellor.

Plunderin' o' the stash chest gave me some acrylic line t' weigh anchor, but them thar many colour changes be shiverin' me timbers, so t'were easier t' be simplifyin' it. Less ends t' sew in ye know an' more effective lookin' o'erall.

Now yer'll all be a-commentin' or it's the plank.

Ahoy mateys! The wee bucko's been sighted in his sweater o'er a cup o' grog. I'll be swappin' arrr for aw from now on.