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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Great Expectations

When I got my latest yarn bargain I fully expected to turn this...

...into that with very few problems. But...

The main problem came when I took a closer look at the pattern (Verena magazine - Herbst 2006) and realised I was short on yarn. It came from a closing down sale for a bargainous £2 a ball (RYC Cashsoft - 57% extra fine merino/ 33% microfibre/ 10% cashmere) it usually retails at £4.45. It was so in demand that it was impossible to get more than the 10 balls I initially purchased. Knowing my recent luck with yarn it just wasn't worth the risk. I uhmmed and ahhed for a few days, considered other yarn in my stash and then proceeded to sulk for 3 days until I decided to live dangerously. I took another look at the pattern to see if I could cut any corners and realised that it was made as two 'T' pieces so that the sleeves were knitted sideways instead of cuff to shoulder. This bothered me to the point that I reached for my clipboard and did a complete re-write of the pattern in a more traditional construction. It took a bit of tweaking and I altered the stitch pattern slightly, but I finally got the numbers to work out in a way that made me happy. I worked the 3x3 rib section in the round and then worked the patterned part flat in one piece to the armholes. The sleeves were then worked separately. I also changed the cables so they twist a different way on each side as I feel it looks better especially when the cables are following a neck line. It was a super speedy knit - hurrah for big needles, I started on the 5th and finished last night - at this rate it could be two sweaters a month! (I wish).
And those great expectations of running out of yarn.....? It only took 8 balls :)

Check out my cheeky pup! While I expect small children to go through that awkward stage where they pull faces in every photo nobody ever mentioned that puppies do it too! She's nine and a half months old now and very much the stroppy teenager.

Sorry folks - I really am neglecting you and your blogs at the moment. Please bear with me, I haven't forgotten any of you, I've been writing the pattern for the next SnB book. I also booked a much needed holiday on a whim a few days ago and have yet to pack a thing. I'm away from tomorrow morning until the 6th of May when I shall sit down with a cuppa and read through all of your exploits that I've missed. Behave yourselves while I'm gone - especially if your name is Sue!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Free Spirit

Nature is a truly astounding thing that leaves me in complete wonderment, I love seeing the world around me change with the seasons. Cassie and I have been taking advantage of the glorious spring weather in the UK to get out into the stunning woodland that's right on my doorstep. We wait for the early evening and go for a gentle stroll (I stroll - she runs herself ragged) while the late sun comes streaming through the trees and highlights the greens and browns. The woods are still quite bare but it's exciting seeing the buds knowing what's about to come.

My love for natural colours can be seen in my knitting of late as I've been inspired by what's around me. I've recently made this top from the yarn that the fabulous T sent me as part of a secret santa swap, it's Twilley's Freedom Spirit in Earth (100% wool). I've been dying to use it and wanted to make a V neck vest. I worked mainly from the Magknits Ballet Camisole pattern as I loved the shaping in it although I worked a proper V neck. I tried to retain the same shape as the original but without pulling the fabric down to achieve it.

I love the result from this yarn, it's two colours put together as a single ply that gradually change throughout the yarn, the way they mingle in the finished piece looks fabulous. The 40"size took just under 4 balls so I have enough to make a felted bag too. A huge thanks T, it was something I was coveting but not likely to buy for myself and you couldn't have chosen better.

I'm also working in this yarn too. I've had it stashed since my teens without a clue what to do with it until I came up with a cunning plan. I'd tell you what it is but it's more fun leaving you guessing. It's going to be a while before you see the final result though, the white yarn next to it is Crochet cotton no 5 and this is slightly finer than it. My eyes, my eyes!

Psst! I'm not neglecting your blogs, I've just been away from the computer for a while. I'm off to catch up right now.