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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Saving Grace

Grace is finished and I have to say that I feel a long way from graceful in it. It makes me look like a hippo. I think the main problem is that I made it a size too big. I had a choice of 38" or 42" and I stupidly thought the bigger size would be a better option as the smaller would have fitted where it touched and been a bit stretched and tight. I was far to lazy to rejig the pattern to a 40". I'm now thinking it would have been a better option.

I then passed on the problem to my trusty band of knitting friends who suggested either ribbon threaded through or a steek and chop job. The thought of scissors and knitting gives me nightmares so I reevaluated the ribbon idea and took inspiration from a top of a similar style that I have, that has ribbon attached at the sides and is then fastened around the back.

While the front looks great in comparison the back looks a bit sack o' spuds-like. At the moment I'm figuring what can't see can't hurt me, but I am open to suggestions. Those scissors are looking mighty tempting...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Honey I'm Home

Not that you knew I'd gone anywhere in the first place! I've been on holiday for a few days in the Lake District which is in the far North West of England - an absolutely stunning art of the world. It was a bit of a last minute jaunt which I really enjoyed despite not taking any knitting with me - not for the want of reminders.

I mentioned in the last few posts about some gift knitting that I'd done. It's now reached the intended recipients so I can show it off. I could have done so before I went away if I hadn't neglected to take photos before I packaged them up. I usually remember such things on the way to the post office.

First off I made a pair of Mrs Beetons for KnitYoga.

I used Sirdar Silky Look in Raspberry for the contrast frill and Debbie Bliss Cathay in Old Rose for the main colour. I went down a needle size over all as the the Cathay doesn't suit being
worked on needles that are a tad too big for it. It made the cast off edge a little tight to pull over the hand but was otherwise ok. I can't decide if I like Cathay, it looks and feels wonderful, but splits like mad while you work with it and shows up every slightly wonky stitch far too well for my liking. It also didn't look right for the picot edge that is supposed to go around the top which I decided to miss out. Again I didn't put beads on as I had a 'mare trying to find the right sizes and colours to match despite hunting high and low.

I also made Fetching also from Knitty for Carrie Anne who hosts the fantastic BritKnitCast (new episode out yesterday!)

I made these from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in wine. The pattern only takes one ball. I loved it for it's soft velvety feel and excellent stitch definition, but was disappointed that the colour runs when washed. It's a simple pattern that works up in no time.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh Rats!

Last night a very tired me was deliberating what to knit next. I've spent the last few weeks stressing that I will never get through the list of all the projects I want to make and to be suddenly done with a few gifts that I'd been working on left me at a bit of a loss. I keep stumbling on new patterns and my 'to do' list shifts and grows every few weeks. I finally decided on 'Grace' from the Spring '04 issue of Knitty. I've had some black mohair in my stash for about 7 or so years that was ideal for it. I really like it so I've been hanging onto it waiting for the 'right' pattern. I'm not entirely sure this is, but if I waited for the perfect pattern for all of my stash I'd never make anything. The amount fits the pattern exactly and I got gauge. The only problem - it's got a really high mohair content (with the rest being wool and nylon) so it's incredibly hairy. To combat this I popped it in the fridge overnight and took myself off to bed without a thought. My poor mother came along this morning, opened it up and got the fright of her life. She thought there was a rat in the fridge. It took me a while to stop laughing before I could start work, but I've managed about 3/4 of the back so far. It's worked on 4.5mm needles so I'm getting quite a sheer fabric, it's not bad looking for rat yarn.

Other than that, it's official, I'm Great! My niece had a little boy last week. I made him Tassle Top from Kids Knits by Leslie Anne Price. I've made several of these recently so I can get it done quite quickly. It can be a bit boring doing the same pattern so many times, but it's been the favourite thing of everyone I've made it for so far. I'm not too enamoured with the title Great Aunt Rain so I'm sticking with 'O Great One' until I'm about 80.

I've also been working on few gifts, some are still secret but the fleece lined armwarmers just need to be sewn together. They're all pinned and waiting so I'm almost there.

And last but not least, not quite a rat but a mouse...

...a frog mouse! I couldn't resist :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tiny Things and Tiny Minds

Once upon a time there was a little boy who got very jealous that his Nanna was always knitting clothes for his sisters' dolls. Oh how he stamped and screamed and made a fuss until Action Man was just as well kitted out as Sindy...

I was digging round in some old stuff and found some of the itty bitty clothes that my Nanna knitted for my brother's action figures (he gets very upset if you call them dolls). She must have had the patience of a saint to make such tiny raglan sleeved sweaters with 2 ply yarn on 2mm needles. It appears that Action Man was quite a trendy dude back in the 70s, although I can't say I approve of knitted trousers for those over a foot high. Oh well, they kept a little boy very happy.

My little mind has been preoccupied with lots of little things other than knitting this week which can only be put down to the fact that it's August. I get very restless every year around this time and I've never understood why. It'll pass. In the meantime I've been working on some wrist warmers like the ones I got for my birthday last year. My friend Chris really likes them, so I thought I'd do him some for his birthday. The construction may look a little odd, but I'm going for an exact replica to make the fleece lining a bit easier to work out.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cool stuff

Thanks for all your well wishes in response to the last post. I'm feeling loads better and normal content will resume soon. I do have some knitting content to show you, but it's not mine.

Carrie Anne very kindly sent me a Brit Knit Cast badge because I'd taken part in one of her podcasts. It now takes pride of place on my bag.

She also sent me this lovely amulet bag from a MagKnits pattern. It's gorgeous and is now home to my phone. My poor phone gets really battered about so this will help protect it from any more abuse.

Thanks Carrie Anne, I love it.

There was also a card with a print of one of Carrie Anne's fabulous carvings on it, but you'll have to head over to her site to see it.