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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bear Necessities

I can finally tick this off the list. Sort of. It still needs a zip, but I'm classing it as finished. It's the teddy bear gilet from 'Knits for Babies and Toddlers' by Fiona McTague. It's a great book with some gorgeous designs. I made one for Scarlett in the same colour and I'm very surprised I made another. It is super cute, but a bitch to make. The pockets make it a pain to sew up with a zillion ends plus I made a few mistakes that meant I had to frog certain parts. It's worth it for how cute the wee ones look in it, but remind me not to get any ideas. I don't need one to fit me.

I need your good opinion. I want to make this sweater (9-12 mth size) for baby James but can't decide which colours to work in. I've put the blues/cream together along with the brown/orange/mink/beige selection and a bit of lemon floating in the middle for indecision. Any thoughts? Ideas? I'm already working a little jacket in Navy so I thought the browns may make a nice change, but then the blues may go with more.

And last, but certainly not least - look at these babies! How cute are they!

Hazel very kindly sent them too me. The stitch markers I normally use - a bent up parrot earring from Gran Canaria and some knotted embroidery silk - are quite lacking in comparison. They are perfect. Thanks Hazel, I love them. Go visit her blog and tell her how much she rocks.


At 2:12 pm, Blogger Samantha said...

Those stitch markers are wicked awesome!! I love the little bear sweater too. :) As for the sweater in question, I say go for the browns. Browns go with just as much, if not more, than blues do. It'll be gorgeous.

At 4:19 pm, Anonymous Silvia said...

Browns everytime!!! I love those Stitchmarkers they are just to cute

At 4:32 pm, Blogger Charity said...

Amazing stitch markers! So cute.
The little bear is adorable, as I'm sure the little squirt going in it will be, too.

What about doing brown with blues and a bit of lemon?

At 4:37 pm, Blogger Agnes said...

I like the colour combo closer to the original in the pattern ... so the one with orange!
The frog stitch markers are soooo cute! Enjoy!

At 5:44 pm, Blogger aija said...

Cool stitch markers!! I like the browns too.

At 5:45 pm, Anonymous Rachel said...

What a cute little bear vest! Yet another adorable baby knit I want to make.

I vote for the color combo on the right. I think it would go with lots of things, plus it'll be very seasonal as we head into the fall.

At 5:51 pm, Blogger Areli said...

Hmmm...I think I prefer the browns, but maybe you could use the lighter blue with the browns if you want some blue in there, too.

I love your stitchmarkers, they are so cute.

At 6:34 pm, Blogger Melissa said...

I like the browns!
The stitch markers are too darn cute!

At 6:50 pm, Blogger nanatoo said...

Well, I'm not giving you ideas you haven't already thought of, so .... I wish you would have a bear gilet for you :) It's gorgeous.

I can't choose colours. Let someone else do that.

Love the stitch markers - Hazel is excellent indeed!

At 7:08 pm, Blogger acrylik said...

You mean there's no purple combination for me to choose from? *gets quite flustered* I'm afraid I'm the opposite of everyone else and would go for the blues.

I love the teddy gilet, and I would love to see an adult version even more ;)

The stitchmarkers are extremely cool :)

At 7:34 pm, Blogger dreamcatcher said...

The teddy gilet is so cute! I vote for the browns although yes you could maybe put some pale blue with them as someone else suggested? Love the stitch markers too :-)

At 9:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the sweater you made! I would go for the browns, it matches more things. Also, those stitch markers rock!!

At 10:19 pm, Blogger Baigneuse said...

There is nothing cuter than a child dressed as a bear.

I'm one of the few who is going to say go for the blue/cream combo. I just love blue. I also like those fun stitch markers.

At 11:03 pm, Blogger KnitPastis said...

The bear sweater is so adorable, love the color of yarn you used and the stitch markers are so cool!

At 10:04 am, Blogger Seahorse said...

As a mum of two boys - go with brown! Almost everything I've been given for my little chaps has been blue, which is great - but a bit of variety would be nice!

Love the stitchmarkers and the bear sweater.

I must have missed your last update but just to say those Mrs Bs are awesome!

At 11:42 am, Blogger reluctantMANGO said...

I vote for browns too... love that orange with them! The bear sweater is ADORABLE and I may have to hunt down that book and fashion a bear suit for my nephew's first halloween!

At 2:59 pm, Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

You have all the colors right there used in the original pattern. Why not that combination? I think it's cute, plus it's got a bit of each combo in it. Compromise!

The stitch markers are too cute.

At 4:16 pm, Blogger KnitYoga said...

The bear gilet is cute and I think you SHOULD make one for yourself. ;-) I like the sweater in the colours used in the pattern and you appear to have all of them. Glad you liked the stitchmarkers and that they'll be useful. I missed them so much after I sent them I had to go and make myself some! :-)

At 4:46 pm, Blogger allisonmariecat said...

That is so cute! I can certainly imagine forgetting what a pain it was to make the first time. I might have to start one of those, actually.

I like the browns. But I do also like the pattern color combo, too, and you do have all those colors handy.

Adorable stitch markers!

At 12:07 am, Blogger Zonda said...

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At 12:07 am, Blogger Zonda said...

Love the you LOL! I love browns but blues are good too...didn't help did I? hehe ;)

At 12:07 am, Blogger Zonda said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3:05 am, Blogger Batty said...

I was looking at that book and didn't end up buying it. Everyone is having babies like crazy, and I love that sweater. It's so adorable, the tiny ears in particular. I think I'll splurge and buy the book after all.

Those are very cute froggie markers, by the way.

At 4:58 am, Blogger Stefaneener said...

Cute cute markers.
I think the browns for the sweater. That little bear hood is delightful, but maybe you should choose something that makes you happy to make, not be done with, next.

At 10:24 pm, Blogger Rain said...

Stop it, stop it at once, all you bad big bear gilet enablers. It's wrong, wrong I tell you!

As much as I do like the blues I think I am going for the browns. I don't thing the brown I have is dark enough to carry it off and am trying to use stash yarn.

Carrie-Anne, lol, people do knit in other colours you know ;)

Stefaneener, I get sucked in with how cute it is so it seems worth the 2 days of me bitching about it.

At 2:23 pm, Blogger Heather said...

Gorgoeus hoodie - but sounds like a bugger to finish!

I'd go with the browns.....just my little opinion :o)

Love the foggy stitch markers - I'm still using loops of yarn.

Thanks for the cutepdf info, but I use a mac - know what to use for it??

Thanks - even bigger snogs - hahahaa, H xxxx


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