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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Life of Riley

Long time no see my dears. Blimey what a year! I finished my teaching qualification successfully this summer but ended up having a slight career change due to illness. I have developed a severe allergy to teenagers and the more chavtastic they are, the more intense my desire to run from the room screaming.

As you can see my alternative career choice keeps me incredibly busy.

This was me at work a few days ago - rushed off my feet as you see. You might also note a slight change of scenery too. I hopped across to Channel to Frogland a few weeks ago and will be here until next the start of next summer. I'm working for a school study tour company at the moment and head off to a ski resort this winter. I have already tracked down the yarn shops in Paris, and am now finding the time to knit again after my relative drought of last year. I've lots to show you, but won't spoil you all at once.

The project in my hands is Juno Regina which spent a few weeks in the naughty corner when I noticed a mistake 16" earlier. I was starting to think it was a project I wasn't supposed to make, but now seems to be behaving itself after a spell in detention. It won't be done any time soon, but is making a great portable project for the time being.

Otherwise it's sweaters-a go-go at Ch√Ęteau Rain with this little number from VK Winter 05/06 in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran but more on that soon. I'm now mostly posting projects at Ravelry where my user name is Rainie.

Be good my sweets and I'll hopefully catch up with you all properly soon.